Wood chips

Events, horse riding and safety

Wood chips are produced and sifted from sawmill waste material. We use a special technique for cutting off the edges which enables a more accurate and smooth cut and reduces the number of splinters to a minimum. Our wood chips have a DIN EN 1177 certificate meaning they can be used as fall protection on playgrounds, sport and event grounds.

The natural aspect of wood chips and bark mulch makes them a very popular product.

The DIN EN 1176 standard for playgrounds doesn't differentiate between bark and wood chips. For wood chips and bark to be used effectively as fall protection, a 200mm layer of bark mulch or wood chips is required to guarantee a 3-meter drop protection.

Wood chips are also very popular for gardening and landscaping because of their bright and natural colour. Additionally, wood chips prevent soil erosion, soil drying, increased plant growth and reduce weed spreading.

This natural resource is highly effective for horse riding as well. Outside tracks dry much quicker after raining and ground remains stable and safer for horse and rider. It gives firm support while ensuring the right bounce. Wood chips bind dust and prevent respiratory diseases for both horse and rider.

Wood chips - product range

product specification colour size characteristics and application wood type
Wood chips light, without bark   Perfect for events and outdoor riding areas, soil conditioner, for industrial processing. pine/spruce
Wood shavings light, without bark 0-15 mm Industrial processing, litter, indoor riding areas pine/spruce
Gate shavings light, without bark 0-10 mm Industrial processing, litter, indoor riding areas pine/spruce
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