Timber for the energy industry

Timber for thermal energy generation – economical and CO2-neutral!

We aim to offer the perfect solution for every demand – from large-scale industry demand to councils or agricultural needs to small or medium-sized requirements. The global increase in energy consumption leads to increasing prices worldwide and at the same time involves the diminishing of essential resources. To ensure a stable energy supply is maintained we need energy optimisation and a better use of renewable energies like wood is necessary and ecologically worthwhile.

The waste products that occur during the production process can be used as a renewable resource in form of energy-wood chips, pellets or briquettes. Timber that has been used as packaging or waste material from timber harvesting can be re-used in form of wood chips. Like that they are reintroduced into the resource lifecycle.

We are able to produce renewable fuels with a high quality through the use of a special selection process. Our quality management guarantees high wood quality consistently.

Correct measurements and high-quality wood chips are extremely important to ensure that your heating facilities always run at their optimum efficiency and interferences and deterioration are minimised to reduce operating costs.

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets

Wood pellets are normed, cylindrical pellets pressed out of wood. They are pressed under high density without adding any  chemicals. The wood‘s own lignin gives a high flexibility to the final product.


Our firewood is dried to ensure a minimal water content and a longer burning time. We dry our firewood to a water percentage of less than 20% by using the Darr-method. This enables us to provide the best quality dried wood and not just a dry surface.

Energy wood chips

Our energy wood chips are 100% natural with a minimum percentage of bark. Our products are dried to a water percentage of  15-18% and therefore your heating facility can reach an optimum efficiency. Through our in-house truck fleet, we can guarantee in time supply.

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