Energy wood chips

Our energy wood chips are 100% natural with a minimum bark percentage. Our products are dried to a water content of 15-18% and therefore your heating facility can reach its optimum efficiency.

With our own fleet of modern and powerful vehicles, we are able to ensure that your orders are executed flexibly and with absolute adherence to the deadline at all times. The delivery can take place through container trucks, walking-floors or through our special blowing-out container. We gladly help you with the conception of your storage facility, to assure the prefect constructional requirements so that a problem-free delivery can be guaranteed.


Type of wood: soft wood – pine (>95%)*
Size: G30 / G50 (2,8-31,5 mm)*
Water content class: W 20*
Ash content class: A 0,5*
Bulk density: S200 (approx. 200kg/cbm)*
Net calorific value: 4,32 kWh/kg* or 864kWh/cbm*

* Please note that specifications are torque-related values. Actual results may differ significantly in the individual case.

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