Bockelmann-Holz is a reliable partner in the timber industry. A lot of well-known companies trust us to the supply their factories as chose use as a provider, logistic company or complete sourcing solution. 
We assure a “just-in-time” delivery even  at short notice with our truck fleet and optimised logistic processes.

Forest Management and Service

One of our core principles is to harvest timber in a way that we can protect soil and stock. We are a RAL-certified company and our services include forest owner consultation, harvesting and timber transport using modern technology throughout.

With our handling process, damage and bark beetles are minimized, plant-entrance-measurements are determined faster and maximum timber freshness is ensured.

 If you want to sell timber, have questions about our portfolio selection, harvesting or services? Please contact us here.


Product Specifications

1. Saw wood

Product Quality Sizes ø
Pine B/C, fresh, no insects 3/3,65/4/5 m, each plus 10 cm from 12 cm to 42 cm
Spruce B/C, fresh, no discolouring, no insects 4/5 m, each plus 10 cm from 12 cm to 42 cm
Larch-/Douglas fir B/C, fresh, no insects 3/4/5 m, each plus 10 cm excess wood from 14 cm to 50 cm
Pallet B/C, fresh, Pine, Spurce, Larch, Douglas 2,40 m plus 10 cm excess wood from 14 cm to 30 cm

2. Industry timber

Product Quality Sizes ø
Soft wood
(pine, spruce, douglas fir)
IN, fresh, no capping 3,00 m from 8 cm to 55 cm
Spruce grinding wood IN, fresh, healty, no discolouring 2,00 m + 3,00 m from 8 cm to 40 cm
Coniferous wood IN/F, pin proofed 3 m from 7 cm to 70 cm
Hardwood IN/F, pin proofed 2–6 m, log length from 10 cm to 70 cm

For further portfolio enquiries or special requests please contact us directly.

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