Recycling wood chips

Our recycling wood chips are produced at our recycling center.
The recycling wood chips come in different sizes from 0/40 to 0/150 and are a cost-effective and highly efficienct burning material. The re-use and production of wood chips is heavily regulated and we are certified. We therefore store recycling wood chips seperately and can gurantee AI and AII quality

Category AI recycling wood chips are natural, recycled wood which has minimal impurities. 
Category AII recycling wood chips are from recycled wood that has been painted or treated in another way. 

Through our transportation fleet, we can guarantee a high supply chain security. This enables us to act fast and flexible. Depending on your order, deliveries are distributed through walking-floor trucks or containers trucks.

Product porfolio overview:

Recyling wood chips  
Size: 0-40*, 0-100*, 0-150*
Wood type: mostly recycled soft wood
Density: 180-250 kg/cbm*
Net calorific value: around 4,32 kWh/kg* or 864 kWh/cbm*

* Values are guidlines and may vary.

Traceability - to make sure you know where it is coming from!

To be certified and to guarantee the highest quality we track our recycled wood. That enables us to track the journey the wood has taken from start to finish.

We produce our wood chips in our special recycling business and can directly influence our product quality. It is important to us that we offer the highest quality and nothing less. An extensive quality management and continuous monitoring are the key factors that enable a quality guarantee. If you are interested we are happy to provide you with a detailed analysis.

For any questions or queries please contact us.

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