Truck pool

We offer an extensive truck fleet with the latest technology. For timber deliveries and special shipment tasks, we developed individual trailer and loading trucks so that we are able to complete even the most challenging jobs quickly, securely, and safely.
In our modern in-house garage we can perform all maintenance, reconditioning and servicing for all of our trucks. Having a fully equiped garage and a well maintained truck fleet means we can guarantee a seamless and reliable service.

Crane truck

The core unit of our truck pool – enables loading even in narrow parts of the forest or mountainous terrain.

Loading machine

These are special all-terrain machines with a high timber turnover pace. They are a combination of a trailer truck and enable  a minimum loading time.

Short wood articulated truck

These provide more flexibility but with a smaller loading capacity and slightly slower turnover pace than a normal trailer truck.

Trailer truck

All trailer trucks are all-terrain and are designed for a high turnover ratio.


The tilting-crane-trailer has been part of our fleet since the summer of 2011. It enables us to transport bulk cargo, timber logs and has its own loading crane.


Transport container

These are used for the delivery of gardening and recycling products.


For bulk cargo, for example, wood chips, recycling wood and shavings. These trucks can handle a high volume.

3-way skip

For the delivery of small cargo like, wood chips, mulch and firewood for residential areas.


Is used for debarking and parting timber. The harvester has a crane range up to 10m and can handle areas with 20m intervals.


Forwarder or moving trailer works alongside the harvester and shifts the harvested timber to country roads that are accessible for trucks.

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