We have real enthusiasm for what we do 

For over 40 years we have been offering products and services all relating to wood. Through our know-how, the use of the latest technology and the decades of experience we are one of the most advanced service providers in the wood industry in Germany.



  • Headquarter Lueneburg 

  • Energywood- and Recycling Centre 

  • Güstrow

Headquarter Lueneburg 

Bockelmann-Holz GmbH
Elso-Klöver-Straße 3
21337 Lüneburg
Tel. +49 41 31 - 81 220-0
Fax +49 41 31 - 87 220-11
E-Mail: info@bockelmann-holz.de

Energywood- and Recycling Centre 

Gebrüder-Heyn-Straße 5
21337 Lüneburg
Tel. +49 4131-87220-40
Fax +49 4131-87220-47



Bockelmann-Holz GmbH
Krakower Chaussee 23
18273 Kluess
Tel. +49 3843-219 618
Fax +49 3843-219 632


Our timber portfolio includes everything from firewood, industry timber, wood chips and pellets as well as saw shavings and mulch. 
At our headquarters in Lüneburg, we cater to business and private clients. We handle around 1,5 million cubic meters annually and we provide just-in-time deliveries throughout Germany and Europe.
As a company, we adopt a long-term and forward-thinking philosophy and we ensure that our timber is harvested from sustainable forest management. During the production process, we make sure all waste material is used for thermal and energy consumption.

Our key strength is the quality of our timber while always making sure we keep an eye on the environment.

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