Gala Deko Stixx

The latest innovation from Bockelmann-Holz!

Innovative – New - Long-lasting – Creative – Perfect for your garden areas!

They are vailable in the standard colours:

  • Anthracite 
  • Brown 
  • Heath-brown 

GaLa-Deko-StiXX are high quality and natural soil additives produced from mineralized wood shavings. They are perfect mulching and covering your outdoor gardening area. Gala-Deko-Stixx differentiate themselves from normal wood chips and mulch through their colour and long durability.  Through a special screening process, we achieve a homogeneous grain structure to form perfect shapes for landscape gardening. On top of the common positive effects of mulching products, GaLa-Deko-StiXX gives you many creative possibilities, last longer and have a very high immunity against fungi and weeds.